Please are revolutionizing people’s ways book trips online, by offering pre-designed, adjustable, end-to-end trips that can be searched, ordered and paid in minutes. We bridge the gap between decentralized, traditional and sharing economy. You can order with your voice, use digital currency and get it token.


The Problem

The sharing economy took the travel industry by storm: Airbnb has 1 more room than the world’s top five hotel brands put together . 2 Despite this huge shift in customer behavior, the fundamentals of the industry haven’t changed much. The travel industry, like many industries, has historically been driven by “who is providing the service” instead of “who is buying the service”. Truly customer-centric services are very tough to design and change is not easy, especially in an industry which is still stuck with siloed services and processes. Travel is a $2.5 trillion industry but while the sharing economy has 3 expanded the range of services, the last major innovation in travel booking was at the end of the 1990’s when companies like Expedia and Travelocity were founded. Since the 90’s consumer behavior has drastically changed, but the travel industry hasn’t.

Solution: Please Please is revolutionizing the way travel is booked by offering travelers a broad array of comprehensive, pre-designed trips, based on their interests or the occasion for traveling. Trips are created by locals or avid travelers with knowledge of the area. Then the traveler can book these trips with one click or a single voice command. Our comprehensive trips include

  • Itinerary – where to go and when
  • Accommodation – hotels, B&Bs, house shares, home rentals,
  • Food – restaurants, amateur chefs, bars, bistros,
  • Entertainment – clubs, Karaoke bars, comedy clubs, plays, concerts,
  • Attractions – sports, experiences with locals, points of interest, theme parks, zoos,
  • Guides – local experts to show you around
  • Transportation – taxis, limousines, ride-sharing services,
  • Trips on Please are created by users with an intimate knowledge of each location and are categorized by:
  • Theme (romance, adventure, beach, culture, music, sports, history)
  • Occasion (birthday, anniversary, promotion, retirement, engagement, graduation)
  • Event (concert, major sports event)
  • Location, duration of a trip,

Here is how it works:

1. Service Providers join the Please platform

○ They can use Please’s booking system or can connect their own booking system

○ They specify various options like availability and pricing

○ They decide if they want to deploy their service as a smart contract

2. Trip Creators build trips on the platform by:

○ Choosing from the service provider offerings that are available on the platform, or

○ Recruiting a Service Provider that they want to include in their trips to join the platform;

3. Travelers book these trips on the platform

Marketing Strategy

Market Situation

Travel and tourism worldwide were $2.5 trillion in 2017, up from $1.93 trillion in 2010. This includes airfare, car rental, taxis, hotels, 12 restaurants, attractions, guide services, and all travel associated goods and services. In 2018, digital travel sales are expected to reach $693 billion . 13 Mobile bookings have grown from zero just a few years ago to over 40% today, and will reach $100B by 2020. 80% of last-minute bookings are being done on mobile devices, as 17 shown in Figure 7. Trip research on mobile devices, which is key for Please, increased 13.1% in 2017 over 2016. 18 Figure 7 also shows that last minute travel package bookings on mobile are nearly as high as last-minute flight bookings and increasing at a much faster rate.

Why This Strategy Will Succeed

Our strategy relies in large part on people promoting Please to their friends, readers, followers, and customers. Why would they do that? Because it is in their own best interests as shown in Table 1 below.

Token Sale

Distribution 1 billion PLS tokens have been created through a Smart Contract deployed on the Ethereum blockchain at the following address: 0xe919a09df295ceb8ec6a13fe4606f9020afafba9


Figure 9 shows how the total supply of 1 billion PLS will be distributed:

  • 650 million PLS are allocated for the Token Sale. Unsold tokens will be burnt.
  • 190 million PLS are allocated to the Global Reward Pool. A maximum of 10% of the tokens remaining in the pool can be awarded every year and their allocation is voted by the community.
  • 150 million PLS are allocated to the team and are subject to a 3-year vesting schedule with a 6 months cliff.
  • 10 million PLS are allocated for the bounty campaign

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