“Last-mile” in the shipping industry is the final segment of the package delivery trip where the package is transported from the distribution center or warehouse to the final consumer location.
This is a part of expensive package delivery and intensive resources. Therefore, Geeba is a decentralized shipping ecosystem that allows companies to operate shipments with autonomous vehicles and smart hubs. High costs, lack of efficiency, and demand for today’s shipping enable Geeba to introduce a new approach to the industry by allowing people to actively participate in evolution through blockchain utilization.

Geeba brings a smile for delivery.

What is geeba?

Geeba is a decentralized ecosystem development service that allows companies to reduce local shipping costs supported by blockchain, autonomous vehicles, and smart hubs. Ecosystems act as growth which enables empowering retailers and provides opportunities for the unlimited scale to senders with a community-centric approach.

We aim to work towards delivery and a fully decentralized autonomous economy.

It is our commitment to provide innovative automated delivery technology that meets customer needs, is environmentally sustainable and efficient for businesses. Ecosystems will be built in accordance with a measured and decentralized approach that ensures stability and sustainability in the long term. This will involve the following components where the blockchain is at the base and the consumer at the top interacts directly with the autonomy component. The layer of empowerment contains both community governance and the Geeba Nest Market component. All are integrated together through application layers with web platforms, e-commerce, and SDK toolkits.



  1. Droids, drones, and hubs working seamlessly within the community in a neighborhood near you.
  2. Integrating just below the surface, the Software Applications layer enables the ecosystem to function autonomously Consisting of the shipper’s platform, e-commerce, and SDKs.
  3. Managed by Geeba, the Nest Market is a marketplace for supporters and shippers to invest and deploy operational droids to the surface layer.
  4. The Community Governance layer is an operational component that manages the ecosystem’s activities—powering the platform and streamlining the business operations.
  5. External secure data storage for Identity Services to store user activities and governing transactions between parties. Accessible with the combination of the public and private key.
  6. Smart Contract component that facilitates the automated and transparent delivery transaction between shippers, retailers and the community.
  7. Last, of all, the core technology that powers it all, the Geeba Blockchain. Delivery transactions and cryptocurrency payments completing the ecosystem.

How Geeba work?

Using Geeba Ecosystems, retailers and operators are connected to a shipping network supported by autonomous vehicles to offer the same 24/7, express, and shipping delivery services via a single web interface delivery or with API integration.

Service delivery chain

Service delivery chain

Within the architecture lies three products to serve in the relationship of the stakeholders.

  1. G-Sales (eCommerce Platform) Retailer & Customer An online store platform to allow retailers to easily set up their business online which integrates the Geeba delivery service.
  2. G-Ship (Shipper Platform/API) Retailer & Shipper On one end, G-Ship is dropping shipment console for retailers to manage and deliver packages.
  3. G-Nest (marketplace) Manufacturer & Supporter A open marketplace to allow 3rd party manufacturers to sell droids while allowing supporters to purchase droids and profit from deliveries made.

Ico Management

Private Sale Start Date: 11:00 AM (GMT) on Sunday, August 5, 2018
Pre-Sale Start Date: 11:00 AM (GMT) on September 1, 2018
ICO Public Sale: Q4 2018
Payment Methods: ETH, BCH, BTC, Wire Transfer
Soft Cap: 3,200,000 USD
Hard Cap: 28,000,000 USD
Token Exchange Rate: 1 Geeba Token = 0,1 USD
Total Token Supply (Max): 400,000,000
Min Purchase: 1000 Geeba Tokens
KYC: Required
Whitelist: For Private Sale Only

Detailed information about ICO

To find out detailed information about Geeba, please visit the official website via the link below.

Links –
Website: https://geeba.io/
Whitepaper: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kdcaqzxtbt5zx3r/Geeba-Whitepaper-v1.pdf?dl=0

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