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Surely we often hear the word “Refurbish” in our daily lives, usually, the word is related to electronic goods. Well, but this time a little different than usual, because this refurbish word refers to a project that is being built by Galaxy eSolutions LTD.

What is The Galaxy eSolutions?

Galaxy eSolutions is a Global ECommerce for refurbished and pre-owned smartphones and other consumer electronics, with markets for buying and trading goods.

They envision a world that is environmentally friendly through global adoption and growth sharing and economic turnaround. A world in which the lifetime of electronics is extended to the point where mining waste and landfills are a thing of the past.

The current problem of recycling telephone trade is reaching multi-billion dollar volume, high and high trading frequency. Nevertheless, it is a complex industry because it does not have standardization in that field, such as terms of trade, product versions and compatibility, and especially in product ratings and quality.

Well, this is where Galaxy eSolution will play a role in supporting a sustainable future. Galaxy eSolutions aims to create a global “green” market for smartphones that have been recycled and owned before and other consumer electronics. The company fixes it and cleans up pre-owned consumer electronics, then sells it for discounted rates online. The entire business process is managed by Galaxy eSolutions. The centralized and decentralized platform creates a hybrid e-commerce ecosystem of Galaxy eSolutions. NDBD and Yabphones are centered, and focus on sales, while Mobile Freak is a P2P (peer to peer) platform for decentralized buying and selling.

All business operations are handled by Galaxy eSolutions, including the repair process where our technicians are in our factory in Shenzhen, China, following the quality standards they apply.

GES Token

GES Token is a form of a token utility created for initiating a token offering or in English known as ICO, also called Crowdsale, and to purchase it required by Ether. Ether is the cryptocurrency of the Ethereal network. Tokens can then be used instead of Ether or to purchase products from our current NDBD e-commerce site and our new GES site in the future.

This GES Token is very interesting because it can not only be used in the Galaxy eSolutions market but also because the buyback and burn model models are in line with good protection mechanisms.

Token Utility

  • For a list of services (applicable to suppliers).
  • Enhanced services, such as verified accreditation and
    / or feature suppliers
  • For Galaxy eSolutions services such as product repair & inspection services (on the quality of goods).
  • It acts as a logistics hub that enters the ship (giving greater peace to the mind of trade than to smart contracts).
  • GES evidence can be used on Galaxy eSolutions website for purchase. Ransom value of each GES sign in the market will be the current token market price (according to the coinmarketcap.com).
  • Note: 5% token-return rewards for purchase will be made
    issued at the end of each month.

More about GES ICO

Offer Schedule

ICO: 28th February 2018 to 31st March 2018
ICO Bonus Structure
▪ 0.1 to 49 ETH = 20% bonus
▪ 50 to 99 ETH = 25% bonus
▪ 100 to 249 ETH = 30% bonus
▪ 250 to 499 ETH = 35% bonus
▪ 500 to 999 ETH = 40% bonus
▪ 1000 to 2499 ETH = 45% bonus
▪ 2500 ETH and above = 50% bonus
▪ Additional bonus: if you contribute to both Galaxy
eSolutions and Sharder ICOs, you will receive a 5%
token bonus on your contribution from both parties

For further details about Galaxy eSolutions ICO, please visit the official website through the link below.

Links –
Website: https://galaxy-esolutions.com/
Whitepaper: http://whitepaper.galaxy-esolutions.com/GES_Business_Deck_Full_Version_EN.pdf
BitCoinTalk Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2715023.0
BitCoinTalk Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2852878.0

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