FLUX – Change Your Time and Need Into Money

Do you ever heard about “Time is money”? I’m sure you’ve heard it. The next question is whether you are one of the peoples that like to spend the time for playing games? and also assume that gaming is a primary need? Do not worry, your hobbies and habits will not be in vain because there is a new breakthrough that can make your time valuable. The time you spend playing games can be converted into money. This new breakthrough called FLUX. A game world ecosystem. In this post, I will try to discuss that ico project.

What is FLUX?

FLUX is a global gaming platform that brings together all parts of the gaming industry ecosystem, where the players, developers, traders and game communities can turn their time and needs into money using special TOKEN FLUX games. These tokens are required to purchase game items, receive prizes, and participate in competitions and tournaments. This platform is not only for ordinary games but also for competitive games, gaming markets, online broadcasting (streaming) and platforms for trading in-game items.

One of the main problems that exist today is the lack of liquidity in the system. Gamers spend their hours to improve their skills and winning levels, collect rare artifacts, buy certain attributes, and enhance their character. But when they want to exchange one of these, they have to rely on centralized payments. Existing systems are mostly provided by external markets. Meanwhile, game developers earn an average of 30% reduced by popular markets and publishers.

Therefore, FLUX offers a system that will allow players to earn matching competition benefits, trade goods in the market and even crowdfund their own ideas within the platform. Investors and developers will also be given certain commissions for each game as well.

Flux is built using blockchain technology, whose positive result is that the whole process will become more transparent and automated. Platforms such as Flux are highly anticipated for use in the gaming industry today.

Advantages of using FLUX platform

By using the FLUX platform, all parts of the game ecosystem will benefit. Starting from game players, game developers, game item/game attributes, even the audience will feel the benefits. Here are the benefits of each section:

For the Players

  • Get real money using your game’s skill.
  • Game support for mobile devices.
  • Various of games are available.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Know that every transaction is safe because the system is decentralized.
  • Data privacy for all users
  • etc.

For the Developers

  • The registration process is easy to open the new account.
  • Fast game verification.
  • Revenue from each game session.
  • 0% commission for every game transaction for the competitive game.
  • 2% commission for every game transaction for non-competitive gaming.
  • Continuous support from FLUX team.
  • The growth of the audience is fast because of the tournament organized by the FLUX team.

For the traders

  • Possible to buy game skins using tokens.
  • Possible to trade game skins using tokens.
  • Possible to create game skins in the Steam workshop and by using the FLUX audience’s voice to receive certain skins. In terms of revenue, 20% of sales slip between voters, 60% to leather writers, 20% to FLUX.

For the streamers

  • 3,000 on-stream viewers playing FLUX will get a 10FC reward for streamers.
  • Available donations of FLUX COINS.
  • etc

Flux Coin

FLUX coin is initiated with code “FLUX “. Using Ethereum platform on the ethereal network.

Detailed information about FLUX

For further details about FLUX please visit the official website through the link below.

Links –
Website: https://flux.fund/en
Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PmmyqfGD8qNiK8Tzk61ihhU8tAgeBjMx/view
BitCoinTalk Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2451003.0
BitCoinTalk Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3140404.msg32469476#msg32469476

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