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Generally, gamers who broadcast gameplay on the internet are called streamers. Of course, the main market is games, but there are millions of non-gamers, e.g. musicians, athletes, writers, creators of ASMR, poets etc., who find an audience for their creative content through the internet and streaming. YouTube hosts a myriad of video bloggers, who post videos, broadcast games and competitions, comment, sing, dance, cook and organize lectures. It is important that a broad audience is willing to reward these vloggers for creating interesting content. One viewer from the UAE with the alias «motar2k» has already paid $50,000 to several streamers. Some people may think that those making donations are strange, but thanks to them, we can still believe in the good in people. In fact, a donation is a form of gratitude, a reward for streamers for their work.

DeStream is the first decentralized global financial ecosystem for streamers. The main aim of project DeStream is establishing a decentralized global platform for the streaming market that will allow maximizing the productivity of streamers, diversifying their activities and securing start-up capital. We are establishing an innovative platform that will act as an ecosystem for streamers. The use of blockchain technology will allow us to reduce transaction fees by more than twofold. Decentralization will allow us to exclude payment systems from the process and reduce numerous transactions costs. Thus, we will improve the quality of the content and the streamers will be allowed to focus on creation, instead of operational activities.

What is destream?

The main aim of project DeStream is to establish a decentralized global platform for the streaming market, which will allow streamers to maximize their productivity, diversify their activities and secure start-up capital.

We are establishing an innovative platform to serve as a new ecosystem for streamers. The use of blockchain technology will allow us to cut transaction fees in half. Due to decentralization, we will exclude payment systems from the process and reduce numerous costs of transactions. Thus, we will improve the quality of content, and streamers will be allowed to focus on creating content, instead of operational activities.

Nowadays, the commission fee for streaming-platforms can reach 10%. Our aim is to reduce this number to 0.77% and thereby increase streamers’ income. A single gateway for accepting any cryptocurrency will simplify the conversion to any available currency.

There will be uniform rules for depositing and withdrawing money, with the same commission rate, regardless of the currency or the way of making deposits. The platform will not set any restrictions.

Smart contracts will ensure the implementation of the terms of transactions. The launch of a system with smart contracts will assure viewers that their donation will, in fact, reach its addressee and that the order accompanied by the donation will be fulfilled by the streamer if this service is available in the service catalog. In turn, the smart contract will focus on the service catalog in the blockchain. This will allow for transparency of procedures since the targeted action, which is expected by the viewer and offered by the streamer, cannot have dual interpretation and its performance will be guaranteed.

A Platform For Streamers, Viewers, Advertisers, And Entrepreneurs

DeStream will be integrated into all existing popular streaming platforms. DeStream will be connected to Twitch or any other platform in just a few clicks. Users will not have to worry about connecting payment systems, as all funds will be stored in a single wallet. Thanks to the internal marketplace and integration with external projects, users will be able to use DeStream Tokens to buy digital items such as skins or in-game goods. Based on the analysis of the audience and its activities, streamers will be offered certain mechanisms of interaction to engage with the viewers and increase their earnings. On the domestic market, the streamers will be able to offer their channels as a platform for advertising and inform advertisers about their terms of cooperation, and the platform will provide analytical information to simplify targeting. We will create a mechanism that will allow the distribution of advertiser funds among ten, twenty or more streamers with an active audience based on big data analysis. Funds will be distributed in proportion to specific streamer indicators. Such an approach will allow advertisers to reach a broader audience and to maximize the results of advertising, and at the same time, streamers will be able to earn more. The relationship of streamers and advertisers will be regulated by internal smart contracts, which will protect each party from non-compliance with obligations by the partner, while an advertiser will also be able to use the smart contract editor. The DeStream API offers excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs. The assets of streamers can be integrated into almost any type of business and foreign trade platform. They can be used for payment for goods and services, as a form of capital for loans, or as a trading tool.

Token info

Token: DST
Platform: Stratis
Type: Stratis
Price in ICO: 1 DST = 0.006 USD


Aug 1 — 15 25%
Aug 15 — 29 20%
Aug 29 — Sep 5 15%
Sep 5 — Sep 12 10%
Sep 12 — Sep 19 5%
Sep 19 — Sep 30 0%
Tokens for sale: 3,600,000,000

Investment info

Distributed in ICO: 60%
Soft cap: 5,500,000 USD
Hard cap: 12,000,000 USD

Detailed information about ICO

To find out detailed information about Geeba, please visit the official website via the link below.

Links –
Website: https://destream.io/
Whitepaper: https://destream.io/media/1101/whitepaper_en.pdf

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