Alloy Token & Global Rewards Network

Have you ever heard about ALLOY? a new breakthrough in digital crypto currencies which aims to be a bridge between the world of virtual currencies and real world rewards from prominent brands around the world. To realize the plan, ALLOY tokens work with network rewards.

Started from the research that says that 48 trillion  Reward  Points from Brands that are worth  close  to $360  billion go unredeemed  each  year. When users sign up for memberships with  different  Brands,  they  collect  these  points for every  action  taken,  be it signing  up, or making  a purchase among others.  But, they  usually end up in a situation where the points can neither be consolidated nor redeemed  against a preferred reward (the reward they  want) due to restrictions. These restrictions include limited avenues, limited products inside a catalogue etc. In short, users are left with limited choice  and a cumbersome reward programme  that  they  often  end up  discarding. This accounts  to a double  loss  in  the  loyalty-reward  ecosystem.  For  users,  most  of these  points  amount  to  nothing as they  are  thinly  distributed  across  multiple  outlets.  And  for the  brands  awarding  them,  it  becomes  a  liability  on their books. In addition, users receive  virtual currency or in-house currency (e.g. game points) from  downloading, using apps, games  and websites which  have  zero  value  in  the  real world.

ALLOY & REWARDS NETWORK proposed a solution by connecting brands, publishers and consumers on a single platform based on Blockchain global rewards catalog. The global rewards will allow the users of partnered brands and publishers to link, combine and convert all their rewards point to a local flat equivalent ($ / ¥ / € /? etc.). So as we see, the ALLOY project will really solve the global problems.

About ALLOY Token

ALLOY is a reserve / anchor currency for the whole ecosystem, which will become a means of exchange during transactions in the Global Remuneration Network. Just as the US dollar is a global reserve currency or currency anchor, which facilitates international trade with a common exchange factor, using ALLOY TOKEN, affiliate brands and publishers can assign exchange rates to their rewards that will govern the buy-out in the ecosystem.

How it works?

A User residing in India with Reward points, when travelling to New York will be able to redeem his points with a Local Brand using REPAC technology, thereby, creating a borderless Rewarding and redemption experience.

What is RPAC ?

REPAC (Real-time Points Adoption & Conversion) On the surface, REPAC enables local Fiat transactions between parties making it frictionless for all businesses. Under the hood, REPAC uses Blockchain & ALLOY enabling global cross border transactions. This preserves the value for all three stakeholders i.e. Brands, Publishers, and Consumers, by converting the currencies & in-house points of different values to a common ALLOY baseline (based on the market value), in real-time, using Smart contracts to facilitate secure and auditable transactions.

The Architecture of ALLOY

Rewards Network Benefits

For User

A Global Rewards Catalogue of highly diversified Goods & Subscription in exchange for the Reward points accumulated from different Brands & Publishers

For Brand

A Global Rewards Catalogue of highly diversified Goods & Subscription in exchange for the Reward points accumulated from different Brands & Publishers

For Publisher

A new tangible way to reward users for their engagement without the hassle of building and managing a Rewards engine or an exit catalogue on their own






Total Supply

Accept Payment

​Bonus :

– Pre ICO

– ICO Day 1-3

– ICO Day 4-7

– ICO Day 7-14

– ICO FInal 14 Days

ALLOY Token 


ERC20-Ethereum Blockchain





 20%  Bonus

10%  Bonus

5%    Bonus

2,5% Bonus

0%    Bonus

Token Sale Term

Maximum cap on crowdsale: 86,956 ETH

Total token supply: 100 million (100,000,000) ALLOY, of which:

50% Allocated for Token Sale

20% Retained for Founders, Core Team & Early Backers

30% Percentage of tokens Reserved for facilitating Transaction & Incentives

1 ETH = 575 ALLOY

Purchase methods accepted: BTC and ETH


VP Alliance
Product Manager
Marketing Specialist
Solidity Developer


Laks Krishnamoorthy
Director of Engineering, Paypal
Apul Nahata
Mentor @BrigadeREAP

Why We Should Invest to This Project ?

Codemojo is an Investor backed technology startup that has a proven track record of executing customer engagement solutions across 100s of renowned brands. We will be using Blockchain & Smart contracts to upgrade our existing Rewards Network for a seamless & secure Global Usage

How to Invest ?

If you want to invest to this project, you can visit their official website here : https://alloy.rewards.network

Details ALLOY Info.

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